Evening Tea

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Ingredients: CBD (hemp), Linden, Valerian and Lavender Root 

About our ingredient blend

Each one of our specially formulated bags from our “New Gold Standard Range” has been carefully created from natural ingredients to tingle your taste buds which makes it second to none in the current market.  Emerging research from academia has reported CBD’s current and potential future use for many health conditions including anxiety & depression, autoimmune diseases and improvement in health markers such as inflammation to name a few. To allow you to understand the of role CBD take a look at our education section articles starting with “What is the Endocannabinoid system”. A research section has also been included to breakdown the role of CBD in certain health conditions. All our articles are taken from reputable academic studies and therefore are not hearsay.

Product Details

Number of Tea Bags:                                 20

Approximate CBD Content (Packet);    400mg

Approximate CBD Content (Tea bag):  20mg

Approximate Weight (Packet):               53g

Approximate Weight (Tea Bag):             2.4g

THC content:                                                      0 (<0.05)

Suggested Usage: 

  • Boil water and pour into mug
  • Add tea bag to mug
  • Leave to brew for 4-7 minutes
  • Please note tea will be hot

 (Do not exceed 100mg/day recommended).


*CBD is sold as a food supplement and is not sold to prevent, diagnose or treat any health conditions. It should be taken as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. If any complications should arise consult a health care professional.