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Why is Full Spectrum Oil Superior?

Picture this, you manage to get a ticket to go and see your favourite musician. You have planned your outfit, paid for taxis, waited in ques and then finally you find your seat. The excitement rises from the pit of your stomach as the artist arrives on stage. You scream and cheer along with the rest of the fans. The lights go out, the microphone turns off and the artists band is nowhere to be seen. The artist starts to sing. You can faintly hear them over the murmur of the crowd hoping that the lights, microphone and band will come on. They don’t. The artist finishes their show and you are left feeling ripped off (with no refund of course), disheartened and wondering why a music company would allow this to happen.

Now picture this, you buy a product without really doing much research. You have paid for shipping and visited countless websites till you find one that is an “expert” in CBD. You start to use the product but don’t notice a difference. You continue to take it for a month and see little to no change. Just as you have given up and believe it all to be a hyped farce with no hope of a refund you catch a glimpse of the label. The label says, “CBD isolate”. Curious you head to your computer to do more research to discover that CBD isolate means only the CBD component of the plant is extracted. Therefore, CBD working alone is like a musician with no light, microphone or band. Just like a musician CBD has a group of molecules that is essential for its success.1,2 Scientists have described this as the “entourage effect” which in layman’s terms means: for CBD to be at its peak performance it needs help from different chemicals to stimulate different signalling pathways within our body depending upon channels they wish to activate.3-5 Therefore this is why we believe full spectrum oil is superior in comparison to other oils.

So where can you buy supplements for the “entourage effect” to occur? To put it simply you can’t! The only way to ensure that you get the “entourage” is through the extraction methods used on the hemp plant. Supercritical extraction is currently the most effective method of ensuring that CBD along with its “entourage” is extracted from the plant. However, as the hemp plant is a botanical different strains and growing techniques can affect what is potentially extracted.2

How to choose the right company and product. Well first of all make sure you are buying super critically extracted CBD to ensure that the “entourage effect” can occur. Secondly ensure that the company provides an up to date lab report (our lab reports located at foot of website)) that has tested the products to ensure that there is some element of flavonoids and terpenes in them. Lastly if you are unsure of a company read their reviews, trust pilot scores and get in contact with them to ask questions about the products to see if they really are experts in CBD.

In summary it is clear that the market is saturated in products which is definitely causing confusion amongst consumers. When buying products ensure that the extraction method used is “super critical extraction” as it is the most effective way of ensuring that the “entourage effect” occurs. 


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